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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #121 | Untraditional Holiday Foods, Eugenics and Wrestling History



Monday kicks off with some Mezcal shots to celebrate The Godfather stopping by again to The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast. We survived the weekend that was full of dramatics of this 2020 election season, which begs the question is it over, or is it just beginning? With C-Minus out on vacation , the sports ball talk kicks off. Tom Brady catching L’s according to B-Real and he discusses injuries and longevity for older players. New Technology and medicines are allowing people to extend their primes into their 30’s. Frank Thomas is given the wave request by the Dr. himself to learn more about Eugenics. The guys talk baldness and hair lines following the Eugenics educational programing, discussing who can pull off the look, and who needs a hat. RnB singers got a pass for having amazing voices, E-Zone and Bobo bring up artist who had the luck with the ladies out their league. B-Real asks Bobo who he thought was king ugly and had the baddest chicks and he had to give it to Marilyn Manson. Apparently Bobo has had many items from drugs, underwear and even rocks thrown at him while performing with Greece flag upside down accidentally.

The Dr. DARES! the Insane Asylum to get the stream to more likes and promises a live performance for the fans who step it up. It’s stout season according to E-Zone, when the beer gets brewed it usually finishes up around this time of year for the best. The Godfather asks what everyone is doing for Thanksgiving or as B-Real calls it, thanks for nothing jokingly. The godfather gives us the run down of how to deep fry a turkey vs baking one. The Dr. prefers the roasted pig and E-Zone has always had turkey and is looking for something new this thanksgiving. E-Zone gives us dining advice to find somewhere to eat in LA and throw back another “Dr.’s stimulus plan” shots for another toast to the show. The guys talk which foods and meats they wouldn’t eat and that they would. Bobo talks those fetus bird eggs he seen in eastern cultures. More shocking content the table each bring up crazy movies and videos they have been exposed to online and back in the day. The Godfather came in today with a lot of energy n expressed his disappointment that the ring hasn’t been set up here at B-Real TV studio yet so here can throw E-Zone around. The Godfather shares stories with us about The Undertaker and what he’s got going on back in his prime. Obviously The Godfather is a wrestling legend, but being such a big guy, nobody in his prime wanted it with the Smoke Train himself, he was a true big biker and the only Black biker around that no one would want to mess with or get knocked out no questions asked. Formally a football player and strip club security guard, B-Real said he didn’t need Eugentics he was busting a “Nutgenics” and staying young. The Smoke train credits his wife of 20 years and kush as what made him a nicer more kind person in life. The Godfather challenges E-Zone to flip the Godfather on camera and Zone asks his dad nicely to get the ring so he can make legendary moments.

The Doors to the Insane Asylum opened up to superchat questions as always!

Eric Bobo drops a wild story about legendary artist Lauryn Hill being the stinkiest person they ever met, the guys get a shout out for praising DJ culture, The Dr. is asked about performing with RAGE, E-Zone declines the ranch shots, favorite 90’s movies, Godfather cracks E-Zones back via a full nelson, wave down Sinbad to come on the show and more.

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