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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #122 | Worst Highs, Unwanted Phone Calls and Frozen Foods



Tuesday here at B-Real TV kicks the Dr. Greenthumb show off with a special give away from the Dr. himself, prizes from INSANE CLOTHING, DR GREENTHUMBS, PHUNKY FEEL TIPS, THE SMOKEBOX GAME and GPEN. Steftone and the guys talk about being aggressive and avoid confrontations. E-Zone asks “what’s the worst thing you had to endure too high”. B-Real describes sitting in a music label meeting and it being the worse reality check being stuck for an hour. B-Real always seems to get a phone call right in the middle of a song when he is in the zone and when he is doing nothing he never seems to get the calls. The calls don’t stop when the Dr. continues on with throwing Smoke Out Festival and getting calls for tickets from people he hasn’t seen in years. B-Real ended up having a custom voice mail that would prank his friends thinking he answered but they would be sent to ticket master by the end of the recording. The podcast goes into the guys experiences partying when they were younger VS now.

As the Insane Asylum piled up the likes early in the stream. Steftone was recently just on the Tinfoil Podcast, a conspiracy podcast by comedian Sam Tripoli, and as we all know here, it went deep into flat earth and more. “Snacktone” also goes into the tables favorite frozen foods such as tv diners, pizza rolls and more, just avoid burning your tongue. The ocean a very scary place to all of us, Steftone thinks swimming with Sharks that have already ate are save to swim with. E-Zone once held an alligator, Steftone in south Africa once had an interaction with two cheetahs.

The doors opened after our giveaway to the Insane Asylum per usual,
B-Real last night watched a documentary on The Olympus, a sister ship to the Titanic, could have saved most of the people. Mind blown by the fact, Steftone fills us in on the matrix alert of how the Titanic story isn’t accurate. They asked who is the craziest stoner they have smoked with, B-Real looking like a jazz musician when he came back from Panama, a repeat of E-Zone Iconic scream from yesterday, shout outs to the highest podcast, a reminder of his song Wishful Thinking with Big Pun and a big birthday shout out. B-Real talks Hip Hop evolving around the world, more about his personal life, and more!

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