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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #125 | Dominoes, Smoke N Scan and Favorite Snacks



FRIDAY!!!! we got guest and B-Real TV affiliate Damon Heller aka SMOKENSCAN in the house and a special Birthday shout out to Skinny Pablo, voice of the people. We announce our winner from yesterday and set the bar of 1.2K for our performance today! Steftone was recently in the news for his appearance on the Tinfoilhat podcast for his takes on flat earth and vaccines as he discusses his response to peoples reactions. Damon brings up who he thinks should join their domino games they play. Many games were played at the Rainbow bar you know that, with players racking up them points. The guys break down the dynamics of real good domino games and how even the quietest person can talk shit and even the best player can get crap hands.

With many wild moments reported live, SmokeNScan catches some of the most insane car chases you have ever seen. Damon goes into details to some moments that were almost straight to of a movie. He also talks about being patient when watching these chases because the moments happen when you least expect it. The podcast gets into more gaming with video games and how they wish they woulda streamed their gaming sessions. E-Zone got into GTA heavy and Damon talks about when him and B-Real played Socom. Damon imagines if someone would come up on a whole truck of PS5’s and how much that would be worth. Damon and B-Real both recently got the new XBOX and talk about backwards compatibility.

The Doors to the Insane Asylum open as the question started to come in and more

Wrestling questions, best french fries, fast food in foreign countries and more

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