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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #127 | Pauly’s Project, Lil’ Wayne, Skydiving



We start Tuesday episode with a community spot light on Pauly’s Project, a non profit org here in DTLA providing music and support to the homeless community.

C-Minus brought us news of a recent issue with rapper Lil’ Wayne at an airport where the plane was searched and multiple things were found from drugs to firearms. The Dr. wishes Weezy the best of luck as we all here hope the charges are dropped on The legendary Carter rapper. Being that he was caught up in Florida, they have a zero tolerance policy but E-Zone reminds us all that he has connections to our President so he has 63 days left to get some help. The “Duke of Earl” made its way into the convo as the podcast discussed throwing up.

B-Real tells a story of playing Andy Garcia getting mad at him playing his bell on his drum set, where the Dr. compares it to the look he gave Eitan recently when he dropped a tray full of his weed. Important to mention that they have previously met a couple times so they were familiar with each other before the incident. Everlast, rapper of House Of Pain, introduce the two actually at a Laker game, but being that B-Real found him to not be as chill as most fans of his beloved him.

Pineapple Express family Shawn came on into the podcast via the magic curtain, and catches up with the Dr. and crew about the delivery service they provide. Shawn also fills us in on the Hollywood and Vine location coming soon as well which is prime real estate. The icing on the location was that it was acquired with the Social Equity Program, which it went to the right people according to Shawn. Shawn also is a veteran of the marine corp, which recently celebrated its birthday. Salute to all our vets out there in the Insane Asylum. Shawn also brings Big Percy’s new vodka along for the guys to check out which leads to B-Real talking about being a bartender previously, but only at his house parties. The Dr. was heavy handed with his pours he says but he would make some spectacular drinks. When they would go paint balling, B-Real would make a sangria for everyone to drink when they had matches.

As the room got more hotboxed, the guys started to discuss more about Pineapple Inc, and the companies it umbrellas trademarks and expanding to Puerto Rico for the first time. Puerto Rico hasn’t had legal marijuana before but with the hurricanes demolishing most of the island, the hopes are that the taxes from that can also help restore the island to the glory it deserves. Shawn who lived in Miami, had two other properties in the islands that got destroyed due to hurricanes but he shares some advice to make sure you pay your insurance. The podcast talks sky diving in P.R. and the guys give their takes that no one wants to skydive from the podcast besides B-Real who has bungee jumped before but never skydived.

The Doors to the Insane Asylum open as the question started to come in and more

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