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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #128 | Shavo On New System Of The Down Music, T. Woodly Joins Us + More



Guys start off Wednesday with guests T woodly and Shavo back in the house and the guys quickly shout Insane Asylum member Nicole for bringing some of her crop for us to try. The crew all discuss hair and the loss of that hair over that time. B-Real bring sup stage diving with his Afro and people stepping on his hair. E-Zone asks for advice on stage diving as the Dr. lays out details of how he surveys the crowd before he jumps. Two small chefs the band had on tour in Europe that asked b-real “I’d like to try that” and take was down. Unfortunately no one gave her instructions and a tall member of the crowd hot head butted by this Jamaican British chef head first knocking him out.

Today recently went hiking where a dog similar to legendary film poster dog Koojo almost attacked him. Shave discusses that System of the down has been working on new music. The Dr. green thumb podcast all discussed famous houses and go to throwing pizzas on the roof as it happened in Breaking Bad. The crew all describe if they had a pizza throwing contest how they would go about that with various sizes n toppings. T Woodly talks shirt sizes and how we view smaller sized shirts. He goes into training and what mental and physical training he can do to keep his body right. B-Real talks about traveling in Russia and how vodka shots were available everywhere breakfast lunch and dinner. T Woodly was offered a shot when he still a teenager while traveling there. Levi’s and many western culture brands are always in high demand out there. T Woodly and Shavo talk about wearing embarrassing clothing as a kid, T would own up to it before he could get roasted and got a whooping when he cut up his own clothes. E-Zone got more anti bullying advice from the UFC champ and B-Real let them know that if you didn’t have the right shoes on back in the day, you would get roasted.

The Doors to the Insane Asylum open as the question started to come in and more

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