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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #129 | GodFather’s Wrestling PPV, “Gummy Bears” and more



Thirsty Thursday on The Greenthumb Podcast ! Can i get a HOEEEEEE TRAIN for The Godfather in the house and the guys kick off their shots early PURO PARTY 123 style for the Insane Asylum. The guys talk BIG SHOTS with the newly gifted emoji shot glasses. B-Real talks about performing and being a promoter at festivals and people partying too early. Bobo talks about a guy passed out at a festival while his friends piled a bunch of trash on him and then lit that pile on fire wildly. E-Zone and C-Minus discuss the differences in drugs at a festival and the dangers that come with those type of events. When festivals go into a 3 or 4 day weekend, the Dr. is confused on how people get so wasted that they can’t even enjoy it. C-Minus and B-Real talks about other places and events that actually try to help treat the problems with heavy drug users, so they try to find that happy medium as Bobo describes. When it comes to alcohol, some heavy users can’t stop drinking because their body would go into shock, the lesson is don’t over due this you would be a slave to like addiction. Speaking of “chasing the dragon”, the podcast remincese on Eric Bobo’s infamous heroin story. When The Godfather asks why he did it, B-Real discovers that it happen while it was on a Cypress Hill tour, while he was away in his room being out of trouble as Bobo puts it. The full-nelson demonstration from The Godfather birthed the AHHHHHH ad-lib that the DGT podcast has grown to love. The Godfather breaks it down for us how he wants to help build E-Zone into a great wrestler aka the “Baby Face” but B-Real and C-Minus see him more as a “Heal”. That wrestling demo is going to happen where GF puts it as he’s going to get his redemption. We took it to the Insane Asylum for their opinion. The podcast and GF decide to turn this into a full PPV dubbed The Royal Humbolt, where it would take place in a field of weed. The Godfather has also decided to direct the whole show and characters but is bringing the HOEEEEEEEEES. Skinny Pablo fills The GodFather in on how he works over the older ladies then B-Real remembers a friend who had a porno magazine called “Gummy Bears” about older women who gave oral with their dentures. The Godfather plans on flying Skinny Pablo out to Vegas and get him an all expense trip with 3 60 year old hoes that a drop dead gorgeous for our resident Gilf lover. B-Real dubs it his jigalo training, a special day. The guys ask what the largest age difference in women they have been with physically when that was older then them and the table shares their own personal stories. Of course Eric Bobo with his story at 16 in his early latin band days, was getting hit on by older women in the nightclubs. He was playing that type of music that made him a target for those women that wanted that young man energy though he admitted that he didn’t tap that ass as the GF put it, GF also asks if he regretted that to which Bobo admits he wasn’t ready but he didn’t want an old stalker following him around to soon.

The Doors to the Insane Asylum open as the question started to come in and more!

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