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Dr. Greenthumb Show

The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #131 | B-Real’s Famous Spaghetti, Favorite Christmas Movie + More.



MONDAY! The Dr. Brings back out the GPEN giveaway pack from Friday that was failed to achieve the amount of likes needed to be sent to an Insane Asylum viewer. The Dr. was also waved by another podcast for a bad joke that Bobo and B-Real apologized for the humor being taken as disrespect. The Dr also give E-Zone props for his version of the Dr-Ritas last friday that took Bobo down a little bit to “screensaver” mode. The guys talk black friday deals and businesses they are involved in. B-Real talks “Sportsball” with the KC Chiefs pregnancies spiked when they won the super bowl last year. BBQ being a often dish here at the studio the guys talk KC BBQ, TEXAS BBQ AND BRAZILIAN BBQ. The podcast crew transition in to cereal discussions and how they switched choices as the grew up. E-Zone and the guys talk about the edibles that they recently ate and how edibles just end up hitting harder than any other form of weed. Steftone ate enough to make them lose their shit pretty much now that him and C-Minus now say “respect the tart”. Wine and Spaghetti? The podcast breaks down italian food and wine choices. Bobo asks if B-Real has made the crew his famous spaghetti which he hasn’t. Bobo tells a story about Studio 4 in Philly and them having to switch locations to the “sticks” and B goes into details about making them making spaghetti and drinking red win while recording their album with Joe the Butcher.

The Dr. asks what is the most sought after holiday gift this season as everyone gives their take from PS5s to Xbox’s. E-Zone brings up VR and the new Oculus as B-Real talks about horror games and concert experiences he has tried with the VR sets. The Insane Asylum gets its like goal and gives away 2 GPEN sets of Roams to the live chat and super chatters.
The door open up to the Insane Asylum following with an array of wild questions as usual.

Description recap by @kieroglyphics on IG/Twitter

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