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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast Ep.132 | Chingona Community Toy Drive, Being Bad Kids, Lukas Gage Video



We start the show highlighting the Chingona Community that is doing a toy drive this holiday season please go support them at…

The Podcast talks about what they have been up to and E-Zone talks kids looking him up on youtube while he was filming a High and Hungry. He tells the dad he doesn’t think its appropriate for the kids and the dad was like nahhhh its fine they are hyped. B-Real gets into story about living in Pico Rivera as a “Lil Shit” stealing neighbors weed plants for another neighbors friends older brother. He was too young to smoke but he turned a new leaf else where in life. Turns out the Dr. first smoked most likely in 5th grade or around that time out his green plastic bong.

We announced our Dr. Greenthumb Prescription Packages available for super chatters today with exclusives curated by B-Real himself. The guys start speaking bout the old man again as B-Real breaks down when he was here alone he heard him upstairs and on the show a can with no condensation moved again across the table. The guys start talking about monoliths from all over and under ground worlds. The Dungeon dragon impression Bobo gives is amazing to hear and see. The guys react live to a young actor being dissed about his poor apartment while doing an audition live via zoom not knowing his microphone was not muted. The wave for Lukas Gage to come on to the podcast was started as well E-Zone threw in Homelander out there for “The Boys fans. Season 3 is almost here the podcast is hyped for its return. Bobo is put on game about Ozark, which is like breaking bad but “shittier” as C-Minus puts it. The Greenthumb pod goes over frequent artist to the show Teeny with his dancing with the stars recap videos and Rick And Morty art.

The door open up to the Insane Asylum following with an array of wild questions as usual.

Description recap by @kieroglyphics on IG/Twitter

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