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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #135 | Bishop Magic Don Juan, Mike Tyson Fight Recap, Quarantine Love



The Dr. and podcast in tow with Eric Bobo in the house welcomes legend Bishop Magic Don Juan to sit in on this Monday. The guys go over a legendary fight night with Mike Tyson facing off with Roy Jones Jr over the weekend. The fight lived up to the hype in the guys eyes also with B-Real pointing out Mike was motivated for the humanitarian aspect of fighting again for charity and not for a champion belt. Everyone agreed the real moment of the night unfortunately was Nate Robinson getting knocked out by Jake Paul, famously hated YouTube who just plained out performed Nate. Snoop Dogg commentating the fight was a true master piece making it a more entertaining event and with Snoop performing the Dr. notes that him and Wiz both were able to perform on PPV while smoking weed. The Internet is undefeated non the less with the memes that followed destroying Nate Robinson really. Mike and legends like him remind us of the Big 3 League for basket ball players put on by Ice Cube.

C-Minus asks The Don about his first time smoking weed and how it has changed from when he was younger. Bishop details how he would help out with work growing up and that weed be the brick kind off swag back then but a pound was fairly cheap. He smoked and went on a trip his first time that had him praying he would never smoke again if he survived it. The Bishop also talks about quarantine effecting lovers and teenagers in 2020 that is destroying relationships and making it tough times for younger people with the pressures of dating online. The young rappers are also not able to enjoy this success Don Juan goes into today because the game isn’t set up to help them make good decisions. B-Real gives advice to the younger rappers to avoid being involved in street politics when you do end up becoming successful due to envy and jealousy from the streets that you made it. Bishop gives a final advice to not bring gang banging mentality into entrepreneurship because you can’t put your team into that when it is more of a problem than a corporate business.

The door open up to the Insane Asylum following with an array of wild questions as usual.

Description recap by @kieroglyphics on IG/Twitter

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