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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #140 – No Joint Sharing, Sleeping on Flights and Mayweather Fight



The podcast comes in after the feathers finish plucking the feathers off. E-Zone comes in with a FRESH yellow INSANE hoodie and the crew talks fashion and matching phuncky tips to gear. Andy Garcia was in the news for the Sopranos coming back and the Dr. had a good laugh. Sharing joints is a thing of the past but B-Real shows how with a glass tip u can gently burn off the end of the tip before passing. E-Zone makes it clear you should only smoke with your girls or significant other. B-Real asks himself all the time why does it take so long for people to smoke their joints. People have often asked to smoke with the Dr. and he has unfortunately had to put them on game that their weed isn’t good enough. E-zone brings up eating at Bastards cantena and Bobo wants the triple threat truck to pull up to the studio with the puerto rican food. C-Minus brings up the new mandolrian episode and the Dr go into details of where the show is it at right now.

B-Real posted about the UFC fights this weekend and goes into the fight details of how it all went down. After it looked like the dude had a concussion, the Dr. breaks down how paintballs can get you messed up with head shots. There was rules about guys not shooting up close because it could really mess you up! DJ Rhettmatic fell asleep recently at the studio after eating some edibles and E-Zone has a legendary picture of him passed out after partying too. No one has a picture of B-Real slumped out. plain and simple lol. Taking edibles on a flight can be risky according to Bobo. Bobo describes a time on a flight he woke up and was too messed up and had to get help from a flight attendant. B-Real said having the noise cancelation headphones if you are on the flight that has the baby crying on it or a kid kicking the back of your seat.

C-Minus brings up the Logan Paul vs Mayweather fight and the hilarity ensues as the guys try to figure out who is which brother as Jake Paul just fought Nate Robinson. The doors to the Insane Asylum open up shortly after and the chat asks their questions for the cast.

Description recap by @kieroglyphics on IG/Twitter

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