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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #144 – Christian of Fear Factory, RIP TINY, Brews and Flavors



Friday here and we have the full podcast together today! We catch up on yesterdays horrible joints by Kiero and welcome Christian of Fear Factory to podcast also. Steftone gave Kiero some rolling lessons with Eitan before the show but todays joints were rolled by Eitan. We remember Tiny Lester aka Deebo who unfortunately passed away yesterday.

Christian goes into his fishing trip and shows us some wild pictures and huge fish. Europe rules of fishing a very much different from the American rules we have. Christian plans on build a camper vehicle so i can travel and fish around touring the nation in a Nomadic way or fancy homeless as Steftone says. The talks of traveling remind the cast of touring as B-Real lets Christian in on the “flags” being thrown at him for messing up and forgetting the words.
Music has professed so many ways today with releasing to the public. Christian describes the ways they try to release music now and versus in the past for albums. Record labels wanted to see if you had a good single or not. E-Zone brings up the new flavors they are working on with CraftBeerKings and how the guys love Thrifty Ice Cream from Rite Aid specifically and matching the ice cream now to beers. Christian lets us know more about matching beers. Steftone is defiantly from the STRONGGG or metal as fuck as Christian says because of his confidence with his color choices on his guitars.

the doors open up to the Insane Asylum as the questions roll in and the joints are rolled up
you don’t want.
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