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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #147 – Tony A On Having A Piranha Tank, Roadium Swapmeet, DJing + More



We welcome on a Wednesday, Tony A. to the podcast. B-Real was recently on Tony’s show and came through at the right time for some Dr-Rita’s. Former Mixtape DJ, Tony found his way into a record deal with Disney early in his career making music with HI-C which lead to making a documentary to making a podcast. Tony found his love on directing and podcasting for rasa and representing the culture. Turns out Tony doesnt still just hold it down on the turn tables, but his turn tables look like R2D2 for his Star wars love. E-Zone had to shit on star wars per usual but the majority of the table went in on their passion for the series. As technology advanced, B-Real points out that many were against it, but now they limits are endless to produce movies. Tony brings up his fear of the movie jaws and E-Zone agreed he doesnt like the ocean due to its danger. The Dr. and Tony both had experiences with Piranhas as B had a friend who was into it but Tony had a tank the size of our podcast table. Tony said he would be chilling and sometimes fish happen to jump out the tank and scoop them up and put them back in. B-real was often offered exotic pets in his career but Tony asks if anyone offered a Chupacabra jokingly.

Tony asks about people getting too high or expecting him and Cypress Hill to have the most fire weed and B reminds the podcast of the time a few people bit off more than they could chew. They hit some REAL OG and this girl couldn’t handle it suspecting that it had been laced due to it being so strong but she was shut down because everyone else was fine and she had to be removed from the session. In that moment Tony, who isn’t a regular smoker, started to feel the effect himself right now. Bobo still missing E-Zone and Tony split his drink and keep the good vibes going. Tony “The Rhodium Mixtape Documentary” which he considers the prequel to NWA’s music. Tony wanted to show his contribution to hip hop via the Rhodium swap meet’s owner. Tony also speaks on his history in Long Beach with VIP records. Even E-Zone remembers it as a historical monument to the hood and B-Real remembering the original what’s my name video with Snoop Dogg. Tony and the Dr. was happy there was a misunderstanding between the podcast because it birthed the now going relationship that is long over due. E-Zone reminds the podcast that unfortunetly thats not how it happens with alot of the younger generation when it comes to internet beef resulting in lives being lost. Tony G who was a gate keeper and mentor to B in his early years, remembers bombing and forgetting his lyrics at the Radiotron.

B-real had to remind everyone of Julio G, legendary DJ, and mellow Man ace were always holding down pop locking and break dancing. B goes into a story about a legend match up battle at Lynwood Park. It was Southgate VS Compton battle and Julio lived in Lynwood but went to south gate for school. Julio SERVED these fools, no pun intended.

We take a short break as the magic curtain turns out to be ERIC BOBO SHOWING UP LATE but with the bottle of Mezcal in hand. E-Zone Makes more Dr-Ritas, Tony-A notes that the PAPA movement has made its way to his show as well. The Drinks kept flowing and the insane Asylum Doors opened up to the 5150’s had their questions too along with some DEEP questions from Tony A The Wizard.

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