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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #148 | Cypress Hill Destroying Sets , Homie Court, Boof Is Forever + More



Thursday here on the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast we got GF aka The godfather in the house and Bobo. The crew goes over Tony A being a guest yesterday and reflect on his impact again. B-Real talks about Bobo’s first times coming around the Cypress Hill crew and initiating him in. The Dr. and Bobo remember smashing the dj equipment after set after set when touring in the early years before cell phone cameras and every show being captured. The Godfather asks if anyone has been caught smoking boot before and Bobo mentions a time back in the days where they found boof in Brazil but the Dr assures us all that now a days it is better. GF tells the story of Delo of the WWF days got him some boof sent to him instead of the GOOD GOOD they promised that was coming. Well Delo promised GF that Chronic but it wasn’t good and GF was not having it and took him wrestlers court.

B-Real goes on about a time he’s performing and he smelled a horrible smell coming from Bobo’s area and he thought it was a stink bomb. After the set and Dougie tells B-Real it was their tour manager was farting into an industrial fan that was pointing to them on stage. These were very powerful farts and both Bobo and the Dr. were beyond confused during the show so they took him to homie court and had all the paper work actual printed and sent to his hotel room. Bobo was his lawyer and of course he lost that case being it was so hard and B-Real was the prosecutor and really went after it. A plea bargain was placed and he was not allowed to be on stage for a few weeks and when he came back everyone was terrified of him being near a fan after that.

The shots of mezcal get poured and Gf felt like Bobo started taking digs at him and the dogs got sicked on Bobo. B-Real tells GF the story of his hollywood neighbors hating him but he had a rottweiler that did NOT like Bobo and caught him lacking in the jacuzzi one time he got out when B was busy in the house. The art requests were made to resident artist Teeny Mane. The magic curtain produced some Valaso Salsa for the crew to enjoy and the doors to the Insane Asylum open up for crazy questions from the 5150’s.

Description recap by @kieroglyphics on IG/Twitter

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