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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #150 | Canelo Alvarez Taking The Win, E-40 Verzuz Too $hort, MTV + More



WWE LEGEND The Godfather back in the house with us with Cypress hill fast hands man him self Eric Bobo. B-Real was very hyped to break down the weekends boxing and UFC fights. The Party 123 was definitely lit for the E-40 vs Too Short VERZUZ as well. The AHHHH sound bite has even more history now a hilarious back and forth with the podcast and Godfather realizing that it’s stuck with E-Zone for life now.

The GodFather asks about the domino game that was playing this past friday on the podcast, questioning what was going on to a silent room to which skinny pablo said “its because they lost” a cutthroat game and competitive game none the less but lots of fun. B-Real brought up a good point that C-Minus had controversy not calling his points when he scored to which Godfather even seen ppl play where they call ppl points for themself if they don’t claim their points when they score. Bobo and GF say its best for every game you play to break down the rules with who you are playing with before the game starts to make sure there isn’t any miscommunications. There was a few palm plays caught on camera by Steftone who to C-Minus own admission was giving up some points unknowingly. The rivalry between Godfather and Bobo has been solidified as the shit talking back and forth has been legendary on this episode.

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