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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #151 | Dr. Greenthumb’s San Diego Coming Soon, The Mandalorion + More



Were a fresh off a warm up mix on twitch with C-Minus and B-Real going hard today, bringing in the hype energy from B-Real’s Trap music set! Bobo looking fresh as always is in the house with Skinny Pablo on the controls. Before he forgets, B-Real announced the opening of a new Dr. GreenThumbs in San Diego!! much congrats to the whole team for making that possible. Immediately the guys get into Mandolorian Star Wars talk. The Jerry Curl drip was real for Bobo as we look at iconic Jerry curls. We go over the giveaway today and had some highlight video animations from new resident artist TEENY MANE! B-Real talks about how rappers have tricks on stage to have support from their team so they can catch their breath. B-Real goes into a story of a legendary mystery rapper who once had an MC rap a majority of the song to help him and felt the performance did not live up to what the artist was known to do performing.

The Crew goes into legendary old school tv shows and a debate over KNOBS with Bobo and Skinny Pablo pops off about touching knobs lol….Skinny Pablo admits he doesn’t know because he had tv remotes. The Doors to the Insane Asylum open up for questions today.

The Guys discuss the idea of doing a VERZUZ battle.
Eating Cheese in a moment of grossness.
“Friendzone” aka E-Zone is coming out a new chocolate stout.
A request to play some guitar hero or rock band by the chat to which C-minus says he played in a real life rock band also was in a “Rock bank” the game band.
Some Eitan Jokes of course.
Sportsball talk and Laker vs Clippers Predictions

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