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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #153 | Happy Holidays ! Christmas Shopping, Big Bodies of Water + More



MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! we kick off the show welcoming the guys back and E-Zone getting bailed out by his papa makes his return proclaiming Christmas gift this year was being ALIVE! B-Real and Eric Bobo talk about going christmas shopping back in the days and almost starting a shut down of the Montebello Mall from fans rushing them. B-Real announces the Studen Glass giveaway for last days of Greenthumb. E-Zone talks killing spiders for being deadly baby killers when he sees them. The collective agreement was fuck them spiders as B-Real reminisces on the film Arachnophobia scene of the spider getting you when you were sleep. Bobo talks about Texas bugs and how bigger and scarier they are when they can also fly not just be enormous. E-Zone goes in on his hatred for how unsafe the ocean is. STRONGtone aka Stef tone asks about which roadkill is most likely most consumed which led to a stories of animals almost being hit by cars and questions food spots.

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