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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #154 | HopBox Announcement, Bitcoin Going up, and more



MONDAY RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS AND THE WE’RE BACK! Roll Up and enjoy the Podcast! Big Announcement for B-Real And E-Zone, Bitcoin is going crazy right now, we pay tribute to the recent loses.

Thunder and lightening was sparking off in DTLA but so was E-Zone as he breaks down people and why they shouldn’t post new years resolutions. Roll Up and enjoy the Pod! The crew remember old wrestlers and pay tribute to Ecstasy from Whodini. A RIP to the Stimulus check as well was mentioned in the chat. E-zone and Bobo update us on Bitcoin and Crypto currency value, E-zone reminds us that Skinny Pablo wasted his bitcoin on a sandwich. B-Real and Skinny Pablo were hyped about the recent laker games and laughed at the clippers disappointing lose. No Fans in the crowd still but their playing at home fields now.

The Dr. and team go in on comedians and how past opinions they made hold up today. Certain comedians can’t get canceled in their eyes because they have a consistent stance on things. E-zone was getting trolled by chat about his hikes and Bobo talks about the time he got lost when C-Minus flaked on a hike in the past. Bobo and B-Real remember a old story where a nameless friend was lit one time after a show at the Wiltern. At the end of the night the friend was hanging out a little too tough and wifey brushed her off to which she fell into a puddle. The friend had claimed to been doing taboo and Bobo instigated the incident by asking her “what happened to the taboo?” Bobo thinks it was just because she kept ranting and raving about taboo too much. Bobo, B-Real and B-Real’s wife all have a distaste for drunk people but they all fell bad that home girl lost her footing.

Shout outs to Lenny D. for the gift for the podcast, E-Zone couldn’t wait to open it and it was a shot roulette drinking game to which his PAPA let him know we would wait to run that later but of course, E-zone set it up anyways. The insane asylum recommended they replace the shots with dabs. The conversation leads to the guys talking about D-Nice and his dj streams and what will we be doing on new years. Bobo asks B-Real if he would DJ on New Years Eve to which he said he just cannot on Youtube.

Description recap by @kieroglyphics on IG/Twitter

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