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The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast #155 | Bobo’s First Weed Encounter, Movies That Made You Cry, Tae Bo !



B-Real and the podcast all start the podcast off mad at Eitan for not showing up today as the guys rip into him per usual in good fun. recently Eitan made a tik tok off the ring camera here at the studio and E-Zone let him have it. B-Real tells a story on tour and Eitan in Canada saw some lofts across from where they were staying. Eitan just so happen to walk in and saw a couple having sex across from them and B had to ask him wtf are you doing because thought it was not appropriate but the couple did not care. Teeny send in a calm the fuck down award with Kiero giving the speech which reminded E-Zone of the heated FIFA fame Eitan and Kiero had yesterday. B-Real remembers how him and former host Shieky would talk shit in the chat room back when it was “the freezer” that was a no limit shit talking fest but all in good fun. A congrats to Sheiky and Alchemist who both just had new children as we send our love to them both.

If you ever find a Ouija board in your house and you didn’t put it there, the Dr. recommends that you throw it away and or burn it immediately. The crew don’t mess around with that and the old man had an opinion about that statement and knocks a can over allegedly. B-Real heard that Alex Baldwin’s wife, who is from Spain, on a podcast that speaking about her origins and someone said that girls from Boston not Spain. She apparently was faking the funk as well and was imitating a spanish accent on TV as well which led to her cancelling her accounts as well.

The podcast and chat was asked what was the last movie that made you cry? Many responses shocked us and some one were funny but they guys give their takes. Leave yours in the comment section below. Speaking of crying, The Lakers took an L last night, but its one game to Portland. The guys talk about gambling and their preferences. B-Real doesnt often but he will play craps for fun rarely. Collectibles are more of a gamble that everyone on the podcast agree they like to take a chance on. Bobo has a quite respectable comic book collection from Star wars to Superman. The guys break down the “Karen” haircut and E-Zone found an article that claimed no babies have been named Karen for a year now im America. That lead to the crew breaking down names and their own middle names.

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