B Real & Cypress Hill Attend Dr. Greenthumb’s LAX Opening

B Real & Cypress Hill Attend Dr. Greenthumb’s LAX Opening

By Dan Wilson (source : Visit HOLLYWEED)

{cover Photo & Gallery}Credit: Dan Wilson

On Saturday, April 16th B Real and Cypress Hill were on hand to open the newest of the Dr. Greenthumb’s chain of dispensaries, this one near the famed LAX airport.

Finally, Dr. Greenthumb’s comes to LA’s westside.

“People have been asking left and right,” B Real said. “For us the westside was just a matter of time.”

B Real said that being near the airport was perfect for fans that want to go straight to Dr. Greenthumb’s when they arrive in town.

“We had a lot of people flying in from different places to come and experience the Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensary,” B Real said, adding that they would fly into LAX and go directly to the Sylmar or Lincoln Heights location, both of which are tens of miles away.

Now, B Real said, “If they want it immediately, they can get off the plane and within 10 mins they’re here.”

Displaying the Culture

The shop’s look and feel is the result of an ongoing evolution of the Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensary design.

Everything has meaning behind it. The new dispensary contains a gallery of photos and plaques that discuss the band’s history in connection to California cannabis. There is also a chain link mural of B Real from a past Cypress Hill tour, and a wall of values that was taken by a keyword analysis of B Real interviews by the brand’s CRO Travis Howard.

B Real says he wanted visitors to get insight into the story behind the dispensary.

“We wanted to not just have a place where we’re putting top shelf cannabis on the shelf, but somewhere where we could emanate our culture. This is the culture of Cypress Hill, Dr. Greenthumb, and everything that we’ve worked toward,” B Real said.

“We wanted to let people know where this store comes from, where Dr. Greenthumb was birthed,” B Real said.

“Because some of them might not know. They can come in and connect the dots by looking at some of the things we have up,” he said.

B Real said that San Diego’s Dr. Greenthumb’s had started the use of photography and the references to Cypress Hill as part of the dispensary’s display.

“A lot of fans loved that,” B Real said, noting that they were into taking pictures with the displays.

“That gave us an indicator that it’s something we should use in all our shops moving forward,” B Real said. “You’ll see that more as we open new locations.”

Photography around the store comes from artists that the band has worked with for years.

“We’ve been blessed to have a few really great photographers,” B Real said.

Fans can view photographs by artists Block (Cesario Montano), Estevan Oriol, and Eitan Miskovitch.

Dr. Greenthumb’s LAX is at 5494 W Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045. It’s open from 10:00am-10:00pm Monday-Saturday, and 10:00am-8:00pm Sunday. Learn more at Dr. Greenthumb’s LAX website. https://dgtworldwide.com/california/lax-cannabis-dispensary

Dan Wilson is the Editor of Visit Hollyweed, a community newspaper about weed in California.

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