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When the download is completed it will be added to the Downloads section in your web browser. The first step is completed because the file is downloaded successfully now it is time for us to move towards the activation section by following the below guide. Activate Windows 11 Using KMSPico Once you are done downloading Windows 11 activator now we need to install this tool on our computer/laptop. But first, you need to turn off the Windows Defender because it will remove the file instantly right after you extract it. To disable Windows Defender just use these steps: Open Start Menu and click Settings > From there select Updates and Security option > Select Windows Defender from left panel > Click Open Windows Defender Security Centre > Select Virus & Threat Protection Settings > Under Real-Time Protection click switcher to Disable Defender. The Windows Defender is now disabled which means we can install our activator now but keep in mind that you need to disable all 3rd-party antivirus as well if you are using any. Ok, so now let’s check out these steps to install Windows 11 activator: 1 Go to Windows Explorer and then choose Downloads or the folder where you downloaded KMSPico. 2 In that folder you will see a Zip File now right-click on it and Extract in that file using WinRar or another tool. 3 A new folder will be created after extracting just open that folder and then right-click on KMSPico.exe and then select Run as Administrator. 4 Within a moment you will see the Installation window on the screen now follow on-screen instructions to Install KMSPico on your computer. 5 Once the tool is installed now you need to click on the Start Menu and then select KMSPico from the Recent Installed section or simply use the Search box if you cannot see it. When the KMSPico is launched you will see the Windows Icon appears there now you simply need to click on the Red button to activate Windows.