Zulu Tribe Radio

If you are looking for great music spun by great DJs, then look no further than Zulu Tribe Radio! We are all about the tunes here! We look at music a little differently on our show. Just look at the name ZULU means Unity & Strength through numbers, Tribe means our adoring fans and y’all know what radio means. We feel the music unites the tribe (the people) of all cultures and that educates the tribe to combat ignorance. Especially about Hip Hop which is our music base. But as you will see, we play Jazz, Funk, Reggae, House, Breaks, Rock and Oldies which is just some of the foundations of Hip Hop! So we educate and entertain! We have guest DJs, MCs, BBoys, Artists and community leaders as well as some of the dopiest resident DJs around! DJ Mark Luv (The Pharcyde), DJ Vicious Lee (Tone Loc Westside Tribe), DJ Resy One (Psycho Realm), DJ Oggy from Japan (The Mayan), DJ Xist (Barnyard Mixshow), DJ People Mover and our MC Maliner!!! We get together every monday at 6pm PST to play good music, smoke a little (MALINER!) and just to have some FUN!!!!!! Join us!!!

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6:00PM PST/ 9:00PM EST

Recorded shows