Dr. Greenthumb Show

Did you come for the Doctor? Looking for the OG? Have you ever had the problem of running out of weed and just can’t find some anywhere? Maybe you’re searching for the best weed that you had in your life – or do you just want to get baked like Betty Crocker? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place because the Dr. Greenthumb show is just the prescription you need for all things reefer-related.

Established in 2009, Dr. Greenthumb is a live stream interactive talk show that features regular appearances from special guests and covers a variety of topics including music, sports, current news and, of course, everything relevant in the world of weed. Along with a cast of colorful co-hosts, the program is led by none other than Dr. Greenthumb himself, B-Real; and when the Stoner of the Year and front man of Cypress Hill is running the show, you already know you’re hearing from an undisputed authority on music and marijuana. Formerly known as “The 420 Show,” and with a history dating back to the days of Stickam, the Dr. Greenthumb show is a pioneer among the many pot productions that now exist; and they’ve been providing audiences with an eclectic mix of quality content for the past seven years. For one of the best sources of stoner entertainment and news, look no further; come one, come all and see how it’s done every week day at 4:00pm PST on BREAL.TV. Dr. Greenthumb’s got it all… and when you get your prescription here, you don’t ever need a second opinion.

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